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Wordhippo Five Letter Words – Let’s face it, we’re stuck in Wordle’s speculation without knowing how to make the next move. While smarty pants can whip up an app to do all the math and math to solve a crisis, we mere mortals can only rely on our own superpowers – our ability to use the internet to our advantage.

If you get off to a rough start or you’re stuck in a make-or-break Wordle moment, you can always count on the Internet to get you out of a pickle. Here are some great tools for finding obscure words that throw you off.

Wordhippo Five Letter Words

Wordhippo Five Letter Words

Sometimes, a good first guess can lead you to find the secret word. It can be a familiar word on the tip of your tongue or a complex word that you are unfamiliar with. In a stressful moment, when you are at your last guess, you may need some outside help to see the light.

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When you’re down to the last straw with only a guess in hand, you can use this website…

Wordhippo Five Letter Words

You will see 5 columns with 2 rows each. The first column is to enter your assumptions. The second column is to enter the feedback you receive from Wordle.

You will see a page with all the possible words left in the acceptable estimates for that day’s Wordle.

Wordhippo Five Letter Words

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The point of this website is that you are not on the final guess, but ask for a list of possible words based on the first guess. Press “Submit” after entering your first or any number of guesses and corresponding answers.

It’s just, the fewer guesses and answers you provide, the longer the prediction list will be, but hey, it’s still less than 2,315 possible words!

Wordhippo Five Letter Words

Ideally, a good first guess consists of as many vowels and common consonants as you can combine into a single five-letter word. If you can’t get one off the top of your head, visit wordgame help websites like Word.tips or Wordhippo (both described below).

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In the second box, select the fitting from four options: start, end, include exact, and contain characters.

Wordhippo Five Letter Words

We as filter ‘exact; including y’. Now, in the next section, complete the question with the letters of your choice.

You will see a list of terms based on your query. In our case, the letters are O and U, thus the following results.

Wordhippo Five Letter Words

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Such tools help you narrow down potential outcomes and help you better predict the future. You can customize your search based on available characters (both green PR confirmed in yellow or rejected in gray).

Enter existing or approved characters in the text box at the top (characters can be those that have received positive feedback (yellow or green) or have not yet been used in your previous guesses).

Wordhippo Five Letter Words

You can enter up to 3 confirmed/available characters in the text box. The format to be entered is “Letter””Letter” (eg: A?I?P).

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You can refine your search with additional filters if you have confirmed initial characters, ending characters, as well as other confirmed/rejected characters, include, include and exclude respectively.

Wordhippo Five Letter Words

Want to get better at Wordle without using shortcuts? Well, this also has a solution. As they say, practice makes perfect, you can improve your Wordle skills by playing old Wordles. We know that old Wordles cannot be played on the official page, but this is where archives come into play.

You can go to any trusted Wordle archive to play old words. There are many reliable fan-made points like that

Wordhippo Five Letter Words

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Or you can head over to the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine to grab Wordles while you work your way to success. Click here to learn more about playing old Wordle games on your phone or computer.

The first estimate determines the duration and probability of solving the challenge. In fact, you can start with a random first word and not go for unusual words like ROATE. Instead it is recommended that the first words for the Wordle be rich in vowels with normal consonants.

Wordhippo Five Letter Words

Using combinations of frequently formed vowels and consonants can significantly aid the elimination process. Check out our article on Wordle to steal a few sound-filled words to kick off any Wordle with a punch. In short, use lots of special characters to eliminate or block wrong/correct characters in the first two guesses.

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To be clear, starting randomly and pacing yourself based on feedback is easier than following a strategy you stumbled upon on the internet. Start with a random word like “tears”. Take cues from feedback and avoid repeating gray words.

Wordhippo Five Letter Words

Similarly, if you are not playing in a difficult situation, there is no need to repeat words that get a positive response. Diversification favors elimination, instead, focusing on removing or introducing new characters rather than emphasizing the replacement of yellow characters.

For example, if you got yellow hints for “N” and “K” in the word “Blank”, it is better to try to find the correct positions of the yellow letters in the next guess. .

Wordhippo Five Letter Words

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So, your next best guess might be words like “jinks” or “naps.” The process should be based on which character is completely eliminated and which character is required to be considered acceptable.

Repeated letters are very common in Wordle, although they do not make up the first word lists. Repeated letters 4th or 5th points are good depending on your game mode. If you’ve removed all the possible consonants and vowels in a word and are left with a limited number of letters, that’s a natural indicator of a repeated syllable or two. However, if used as part of the first word, unless the letter appears at least once in the hidden word, you lose the opportunity to cross out or check the letter.

Wordhippo Five Letter Words

Wordl discussion forums on Reddit and similar platforms are a world of their own, with fond memories and heated discussions about the daily challenges of bringing space to life. You can visit the forums to gain insight into how other players solved the challenge, the strategies they used, and laugh at some hilarious fail stories for a fully immersive Wordle experience. A fair warning though, if you’re not big on spoilers read the discussion titles to be aware of spoilers (like this hilarious thread here on Reddit).

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