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Small Business Planner – When my mom and I started our Etsy business two years ago, we had no idea the types of documents we would need to organize our information. In the beginning we were just flying by the pants of ourselves… doing custom orders for text notes and paying by sending receipts to a folder.

But as our business began to grow, we realized we needed a more efficient system. For our stores, we just need a planner to help us identify expenses and sales, inventory and products, business partners and customer orders, sales and marketing, etc. Mom laughed and asked if I knew someone who could do something like that for us. 🙂

Small Business Planner

Small Business Planner

Developing a planner that would work for all Etsy and small businesses was a challenge, especially since I’m a printable junkie and found myself wanting a list or tracker for everything. But in the end, we narrowed it down to the essentials and found a good balance in the categories we created for our planner. Here’s a look at what the new Etsy and Small Business plans offer:

Small Business Planner

As always, we offer two different types in this planner with two different coverage options to choose from depending on your business.

Small Business Planner

How you organize your business plan is up to you, and the files in our system are so simple that you can organize them however you want. However, if you are looking for instructions in this section, we use these categories along with printed instructions on how to set up each section:

We’ve included our monthly Goals and Activities page in the calendar section, which is placed before each month with a Notes page.

Small Business Planner

The Perfect 2023 Small Business Planners

This is where we write down tasks for the month, such as updating our website, shopping the blog, and planning any events or giveaways we want to offer. There’s also a great section to list new product ideas and a “Three Goals” section to keep us motivated. We use the Notes tab to jot down quick ideas, tasks, tasks, reminders, and more.

There is an option to include weekly pages after each month, but we would like to add our weekly commentary at the end of the Calendar section. We save about 1-2 months a week at a time in the planner so that the binder does not get too big.

Small Business Planner

We use our weekly pages to keep track of tasks, people to call/email, places to go, and social media. However, if these subtitles do not work for you, we have also attached a copy of this weekly so that you can complete them yourself.

Small Business Planner 2023

Please note: We recommend printing all our pages with a “Borderless” layout so that colors bleed to the edges. You can find these settings by clicking the “Print Settings” button in Adobe:

Small Business Planner

With our premium planners, you have the option to print pages in any order. We like to start our month with a monthly Goals and Actions page with a Notes page, which then turns into our first monthly calendar. This will change to the next month’s Goals and Tasks page, which will change to a monthly calendar. Repeat as many months as you like in the planner.

For our Junior planner, we have the same order pre-installed for you. Due to the difficulty of printing two planner pages on the same sheet of paper AND making them work for front to back printing, they had to be in a special format. We’ve taken the guesswork out of it and created a monthly goals and activities page with notes on one page, so you can easily run it on the back of each monthly calendar. Here is an opinion to help explain the process better:

Small Business Planner

Online Business Planner Business Planner Business Planner

For our master planners, you can choose to print one weekly page of your choice as many times as you want, or you can print your weekly page with a notes page.

For our little planner, we’ve designed the pages to give you two printing options, even weekly. You can choose the Weekly Notes Page so you have a double page, or you can print the weekly page twice in a row as often as you like.

Small Business Planner

In another section of our planner, we store all the trackers, notes and materials related to our products. One of the most useful tools we use is the Product Cost Calculator.

Notebook, Small Business Planner

This worksheet will help you determine the price of each item you sell by breaking down all the materials, labor, and expenses you’ll have to pay, in addition to the profit you expect to make.

Small Business Planner

In addition, choose “Borderless” printing and simply run each of the pages back to back for the number of copies you want in the planner. These instructions are the same for adults and children.

As well as our own orders and trackers. Since my Etsy shop is all digital, I don’t use Shipwreck, but my mom relies on it for all her products. That’s the great thing about this system… you can choose what’s best for your business 🙂

Small Business Planner

Inventory Log Book: Inventory Log For Small Business

This section is very useful for tracking inventory and keeping an ongoing reminder when items need to be reordered. Our inventory document does it all for you.

This is the most important part of our planner. Keeping accurate and detailed records of your expenses, mileage and sales is essential when it comes to tax season and our planner has everything you need.

Small Business Planner

Our financial section includes mileage tracking, monthly and yearly revenue tracking, and monthly and yearly sales and profit tracking.

Small Business Plan Template — My Pa 2023 Planner

The first step is to always select “unlimited” and then print one page back and forth as many times as you like for the Mileage Tracker. Some people use a new tracker for each month, others just keep a running total for the year.

Small Business Planner

For the Senior Planner, we recommend printing the notes page that starts the section and then running the FIRST HALF of the year’s tracking. Next, print the OTHER HALF of the Annual Follower with the Monthly edit on the back. Then for the remaining 11 months of the year, a simple monthly Tracker runs on itself.

Here at Smallan Planner, we’ve designed pages for you to do just that. Please watch this video:

Small Business Planner

Business Planner Printable Bundle, Small Business Planner

This is the section where we track our services and awards and have designed two different categories to help you out. We have a Promotion/Discount Tracker to help you track coupons/promo codes as well as activation and expiration dates. We also have a Giveaway form to help you keep track of which blog or website is hosting the Giveaway, when it starts and ends, what the value is, and more.

These last two sections of our planner are a one-size-fits-all tool. It’s a great place to keep notes or ideas for work, keep reference pages like our News Dictionary or the 2014-2015 Annual Report. We’ve also included a great Contacts page in our setup that you can access from any section of your planner.

Small Business Planner

The great thing about purchasing Publisher’s Organizer is that you have the flexibility to make it your own. No more wasting pages you won’t use and no more stuck with a wire binder that won’t let you add stuff. You have the option to take as little or as little as you want at a time and reprint the pages as you need.

Business Planner 2023 Business Plan Startup Small Business

But with that freedom comes a little more work on your part. To make your planner as easy as possible, we keep the pages individual, meaning it’s not as easy as clicking “Publish” on the screen. To get started, you need to spend time determining what you want to publish and how many pages you want for each item. You MUST use printing services for your planner, but be aware that they will need you to tell them how you want to connect the planner.

Small Business Planner

But we promise… it’s worth the time and effort to find a planner you’ll really love and use every day. So before we end this tutorial post, we want to share some printing tips to help you out.

* We recommend using 24-28lb paper. It’s thick enough to write without bleeding through the pages, but thin enough to keep your planner from exploding 🙂

Small Business Planner

The Polka Dot Posie: Introducing Our Etsy & Small Business Planners!

* If possible, we recommend printing the cover page on heavy paper. Thanks to this, it will not wear out throughout the year.

* Most printers default to “Borderless”. It is assumed that you are printing a photo or image, and you usually select “Photo Paper” as the default.

Small Business Planner

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