Small Business Grants Maine

Business Apr 13, 2023

Small Business Grants Maine – More than 380 Maine small businesses and nonprofits in all 16 counties will share $5 million in grants through the Maine Jobs & Recovery Small Business Grant Program.

Governor Janet Mills on Thursday announced grants to help small businesses deal with the financial burden of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Small Business Grants Maine

Small Business Grants Maine

These cost-based grants, which average $12,700, will help compensate Maine business owners for pandemic-related costs, from supply chain disruptions to infrastructure improvements. Some of the grants are up to $50,000.

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“Maine small businesses are the backbone of our economy and provide livelihoods for hundreds of thousands of Maine people. These new awards build on my administration’s unwavering commitment to support them through the ups and downs of the pandemic,” said Governor Janet Mills. “We hope these grants will help them deal with the financial losses associated with the pandemic and put them in a better position to not only keep their doors open and employ people, but to thrive in the long term.”

Small Business Grants Maine

To qualify for the grant, companies with significant operations in Maine had to show a revenue loss of at least 20 percent between March 2020 and June 30, 2021.

The $5 million awarded this week is the first phase of a $20 million Maine Jobs & Recovery Plan initiative to support Maine’s small businesses and nonprofits. The details of the next round of this program will be announced by the Mill Management in April.

Small Business Grants Maine

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The governor’s plan, approved by the state Legislature in November, aims to inject nearly $1 billion in federal US bailout funds to improve the lives of Maine people and families, help businesses, create good-paying jobs and build a future-ready economy . welfare.

Check out these jobs that don’t require an associate’s or bachelor’s degree that are in demand here in Maine and are expected to provide you with a comfortable living. Most of these jobs require a high school diploma or equivalent, and only a few require some form of post-secondary education other than a bachelor’s degree. Take a look at the list to see which jobs are expected to be in demand and pay high wages in Maine by 2028 that don’t require a degree.

Small Business Grants Maine

According to Mainers, if you say any of these things, your Mainer card will be revoked and you will likely be seen as a tenant. Additional help is available for businesses affected by the pandemic, with a new grant program now available to businesses that meet low-to-moderate income requirements.

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The Maine Department of Economic and Community Development, in partnership with the Maine Small Business Development Centers, will provide grants of up to $5,000 to businesses with five or fewer employees that meet revenue guidelines. Brandon McDonald, a business advisor at the Maine SBDC, says this is a new round of funding designed to help businesses affected by the pandemic.

Small Business Grants Maine

“It’s a direct loss of revenue, you know. It’s a lot easier than having to go through and say, ‘what were my expenses’, ‘what was this, this and this’. With this grant, you just have to show it. You have lost income. So it’s a little easier to log in, go to the billing system and say here – this is what my sales look like for the year. We – we can calculate from that. We do all the work. Just put in your — your totals and we’ll take it from there,” said Brandon McDonald, Business Advisor, Maine SBDC.

McDonald says those who received funding last year may be eligible for this program if they can prove additional loss of income. He says additional grant money is expected to be available in the near future. For more information about the program or how to apply, visit our website.

Small Business Grants Maine

M Federal Grant Funneled To Maine’s Affordable Housing Crisis

For more information or a grant application, visit or call Brandon McDonald at 207-493-5770.

New changes as travelers and cross-border shoppers are allowed to bring more food products from the US into Canada. The Maine Department of Economic and Community Development has awarded recycling grants to over 380 small businesses and nonprofits in Maine that will total five million dollars, according to a report by

Small Business Grants Maine

These recovery grants will help businesses and nonprofits with pandemic-related costs, supply chain issues, and general infrastructure costs that may have already been used and had a major impact on those businesses’ budgets.

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Funds were made available through the Maine Jobs & Recovery Small Business Grant Program and eventually funded with federal funds through the American Rescue Plan Act.

Small Business Grants Maine

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Small Business Grants Maine

Cdbg Microenterprise Grants Available For Maine Small Businesses

Application deadline: Applications are accepted throughout the year. Grant Amount: $1,000 Eligibility: Open to all small business owners and entrepreneurs Grant Information: Since March 2020, we’ve been donating our YouTube earnings to individuals and small businesses. On the third Wednesday of every month, we award multiple $1,000 grants to help entrepreneurs pursue their passion. Apply: To find out more about our grant – including how to get EXTRA grants – read this short article. If you would like to apply directly, here is our grant application page.

We will update this page with new grants as we find them. If you don’t qualify for the Maine grants currently mentioned here, come back later and check out the following grant guides.

Small Business Grants Maine

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Grants Available For Small Businesses Impacted By Pandemic

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Small Business Grants Maine

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