Small Business Grants Arizona 2023

Business Jul 07, 2023

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Small Business Grants Arizona 2023

Small Business Grants Arizona 2023

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Shopify’s Guide To 13 Grants For Women In Business (2023)

Women in business today have better access to capital and business financing than in previous decades. This is due to the transformation of the Women’s Business Rights Act (HR 5050) signed in 1988. The law repealed state laws requiring women to provide male relative identification for business credit. Despite these advances, women are still given smaller loans and higher interest rates than male business owners. Black women-owned businesses, in particular, face barriers to accessing capital.

Small Business Grants Arizona 2023

Grants are financial opportunities, usually monetary amounts, and are provided by a variety of donors. Some grants are to private entities or public/private partnerships, including local, state, or federal governments, corporations, nonprofits, and corporations. By definition, grants are nonrepayable and are not considered small business loans (or even forgivable loans). However, conditions can be attached to how the grant money can be used by the recipient.

Each business or individual applying must meet the grant requirements generally established by the grantor. For example, a business must be located in a certain county or state, employ a certain number of people, generate a minimum or maximum gross income, or fulfill a social or environmental impact.

Small Business Grants Arizona 2023

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Commercial grants are not always well advertised and may have shorter application windows. Ways to learn about new grant opportunities include networking with business peers and signing up for newsletters on women-focused businesses. Also, you can follow related companies on social media.

Grants come in many forms. Many grantees are given a large check, while others require grantees to accept the grant as a condition.

Small Business Grants Arizona 2023

One strategy that seeks to level the playing field for women-led or women-owned businesses is through grants. Federal agencies like the Small Business Administration (SBA) and private companies have created grant programs specifically for women in business — from CEOs and founders of tech companies to owners of Main Street stores and restaurants. These are private and federal grants, sometimes created through public-private partnerships, designed to support women in business.

A 2023 Plan For Economic Equity And Progress

Applying for scholarships can be challenging. This includes gathering business-related documents, including tax returns, bank statements, and revenue documents. Although time-consuming, it is important to verify that your business or organization meets the grant requirements

Small Business Grants Arizona 2023

Filling out the entire application. The landscape for female founders is diverse, with small business grants available. Grants are open to all women entrepreneurs – including non-binary and trans women – who identify as women in business.

Depending on the criteria, some grants require you to work in a particular industry, be in business for a certain number of years or have employees, for example, be self-employed as a sole proprietor. After compiling a grant application, applying for future grants will be easier. Here is a sample of business grants for women to consider.

Small Business Grants Arizona 2023

State Tax Reform & State Tax Relief

Sponsored by WomensNet, a virtual resource center for women in business, the Amber Grant for Women is awarded monthly, quarterly and annually to women in small business. A $10,000 grant is awarded each month to women-owned businesses in 12 specific categories—for example, skilled trade businesses in January and animal service businesses in July. Amber is a non-profit organization and has two annual grants of $25,000. The Amber Grant application is relatively short and costs $15 to apply.

This one-year fellowship with a $5,000 tuition grant is part of the Tory Burch Foundation Fellowship for Women in Business. The foundation hosts webinars, summits and helps women-owned businesses access capital through loans and venture capital funding. Project criteria options include early-stage business and a minimum revenue of $75,000. The grant is part of a one-year fellowship. No application fee.

Small Business Grants Arizona 2023

The US Chamber of Commerce recognizes a variety of small business owners, including women-owned businesses. The $25,000 Dream Big Award is awarded annually, and winners receive a free one-year membership to the American Chamber of Commerce and Promotional Marketing—both video and print. Areas in which applicants are evaluated include community involvement and innovation in business strategies. Additional qualifications include fewer than 250 employees or less than $20 million in gross revenue over the previous two years. No application fee.

State Forty Eight Foundation • Az Community Impact • State Forty Eight

Johnnie Walker and IFundWomen award STRIDE grants starting at $10,000 to “trailblazing” women-owned businesses that create more opportunities for women. In addition to capital, 10 finalists will receive professional training. Requirements include being in business for at least two years and having a minimum annual revenue of $25,000. Note that alcohol brands or businesses that sell or distribute alcohol are not eligible.

Small Business Grants Arizona 2023

IFundWomen grants a $100,00 equity investment to a female entrepreneur; Six entrepreneurs will each receive $5,000 in cash grants and access to one year of educational services and resources. IFundWomen is a funding platform for women business owners. This highly coveted grant attracted more than 5,400 applicants in 2022 and is looking for businesses with a solid digital brand presence that exemplifies “meaningful impact.” Many businesses are eligible, from beauty to technology.

Founders and VCs present their best startup pitch to an industry audience for $5,000 or $25,000 Fast Pitch Competition grants. Winners also receive professional services, mentoring and networking opportunities through the online alumni community. Applicants’ startups are divided into two categories: technical and non-technical. However, life science or cannabis/CBD startups are not eligible. This pitch grant is provided by the Women Founders Network, a non-profit organization that supports entrepreneurship education for women and girls. This competition is held annually.

Small Business Grants Arizona 2023

Small Business Grants In Arizona

Halstead, an Arizona-based family jewelry business, is offering a Halstead grant of $7,500 in start-up capital and $1,000 in merchandise and industry recognition to a successful jewelry designer working in silver. Several finalists have won small cash grants and business incentives. The application includes 15 questions and the submission of a design portfolio. The call for entries will begin in January 2023.

Sogal, a global platform that aims to bridge the diversity gap in entrepreneurship and venture capital, has partnered with sponsors such as sustainability-oriented cosmetics brand Walmart and Winky Lux. SoGal offers $5,000 or $10,000 grants to ambitious Black women and non-binary entrepreneurs with scalable ideas seeking funding. Grantees also have access to the SoGal Foundation and SoGal Venture teams for career-related questions.

Small Business Grants Arizona 2023

Sponsored by MasterCard, these $10,000 Fearless Strivers grants from the Fearless Fund are awarded to 11 black small business owners in select cities, including Atlanta, Birmingham and Dayton. The 11 finalists receive digital tools to help them navigate e-commerce businesses and are mentored by entrepreneurial superstars in restaurants, hospitality, digital media and sports. Eligibility includes small businesses with annual revenue of $3 million or less in the most recent calendar year (2021) and no more than 50 employees. No entry fee.

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This monthly Her-Rise micro grant of $500 is made possible by the Yva Jourdan Foundation, the nonprofit arm of HerSuiteSpot. Previous recipients of HerRise micro-grants have used their funds for technology improvements, marketing efforts, and website development and maintenance. Grant opportunities are expected to return in 2023.

Small Business Grants Arizona 2023

This international awards program offers cash prizes of $100,000, $60,000, and $30,000 for first, second, and third place, respectively, to women entrepreneurs in nine regions of the world. The Cartier Women’s Initiative Award grants are part of a fellowship program that provides training and a mentorship program in finance and communications. One of the eligibility criteria is profitability that has a positive impact on its industry at an early stage of development. The recently launched Science and Technology Pioneer Award rewards science-innovative startups.

Created Women Who Tech, an annual tech startup grant program that awards $20,000 equity-free grants ($15,000 innovation grant and $5,000 impact grant) to women-led startups around the world. Five finalist startups will be selected to participate in a six-week virtual program that includes honoring pitches and an introduction to venture capital funding. Startups then form an eight-person panel of VCs to compete for grants. The application process is free.

Small Business Grants Arizona 2023

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Visa and IFundWomen are creating an international She’s Next Grant program for women entrepreneurs. Last year’s awards ranged from about $4,500 to $10,500 and went to women business owners in Chile, Poland, the Dominican Republic and Vietnam.

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