Screen Printing Machines For Small Business

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Screen Printing Machines For Small Business – This machine is automatic high temperature (electronic) ribbon label printing (this is our patent). It can print any type of roll material such as label tapes, satin ribbons, webbing tapes, elastic tapes, thermal transfer tapes, laces, heavy webbing, etc. It is widely used by the world’s largest narrow fabric printing manufacturers, such as PAXAR/AVERY-DENISSION/SL/ESQUEL/SHORE TO SHORE/ITL/STRETCHLINE etc. Screen printing labels with double-sided tape for Sall business

2) high temperature ink printing; 3) It can print any kind of high temperature ink, such as plastisol, silicone, pop ink. 4) two-sided printing; 5) Accurate multi-color design printing and final line feeding. 6) Only one operator is required.

Screen Printing Machines For Small Business

Screen Printing Machines For Small Business

1) Use of stainless steel conveyor belt instead of traditional conveyor belt for highly accurate color registration. 2) Standard color: 2+1 (front 2 colors, back 1 color printing), we can choose this model as our customer’s requirements. 3) Sold by size and won’t take up your space, only 2.95*0.65*1.65. Easy to install anywhere. 4) Fully automatic, controlled by servo-syste. Two infrared ovens 5) High efficiency, save tie and labor cost. Ax speed can be up to 28 knots per inch. 6) Good thermal stability with stainless steel belt, can print any kind of high temperature ink, such as plastisol, silicone, etc. 7) Last stripes printed on tie. 8) Reasonable price depends on how to print each color. 9) Long life, if properly maintained, its useful life can be up to 8 years.

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DOPSING Achinery Technology Co., Ltd. is dedicated to the production of thin screen printing machines, tea technology has more than 12 years of similar design and experience. The new type of screen printing has obtained more than 10 patents. Label printing machine and high temperature ribbon plate printer, label cutting machine, all are for fabric labels and satin ribbon, rope, cotton ribbon, etc. Together. Such as STRETCHLINE/PAXAR/AVERY-DENISSION/SL/ESQUEL/SHORE TO SHORE/ITL/FINOTEX/AHEEN LABEL/DEKKO/LONGRIVER etc.

Screen Printing Machines For Small Business

In 2011, DOPSING joined the continuous painting and finishing company Achin. Dongguan City Kin Wah achinery Co., Ltd. And joined KINWAH Industrial Park, covering an area of ​​more than 2000 square meters for the development of automatic production of silk screen printers, research development. Together with Arkting, he obtained more than 10 patents from the first generation to the third generation of computer screen printing.

4) Achenia never die (long life can be 20 years). 5) durable, high recording accuracy; 6) Lower after-sales costs, don’t worry about damage and expensive repairs.

Screen Printing Machines For Small Business

The 8 Best T Shirt Printing Machines For Small Business

A: We have oval screen printing, continuous dyeing, screen printing, high temperature ink printing, hot stamping, starching, etc. Finishing the Achin, cutting and rolling the Achin, etc.

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Screen Printing Machines For Small Business

Language options: español Português Français русский зызы Three of deutsch Nederlands العربية 한국어 日本語 and ๢ 质 质 ย ฻฻ง฻ง ฻ง – A shirt printing business can be a fun and profitable venture. However, there are many different types of t-shirt printing machines and materials available. Knowing which one suits your needs can be a challenge.

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Today we’re going to take a look at the different ways to print on t-shirts, show you which t-shirt printing machine is best for small businesses, and give you some tips for getting the most out of your T. – Shirt Printing Machine

Screen Printing Machines For Small Business

Powerpress is an industrial heat press machine for t-shirts. Its 15″ x 15″ (38 x 38 cm) flat heat plates give you enough space to easily place your design without worrying about coverage. The heating plates are also coated with PTFE (Teflon) to prevent sticking and burn marks.

Because the PowerPress is a clamshell design, it takes up more space than a rotary. It has a temperature range of 32 to 455 degrees Fahrenheit (0 to 235 degrees Celsius) and a timer that can be set up to 999 seconds. Both settings are easily adjusted via the LCD control panel on the front of the device.

Screen Printing Machines For Small Business

Automatic A3 Size T Shirt Printing Machine Dtg Printer Machine For T Shirts Hoodies Garment Canvas Bag Textile

Its long handle is 17.5 inches (45 cm), which allows you to open and close the heating plates without getting your hand too close to the plates. This is not only easier to use, but also improves safety by preventing possible burns.

The PowerPress has a removable and washable silicone mat. When pressed, the mat provides greater heat and pressure distribution between the building boards. It can be replaced as needed, although it usually takes a long time, so it should be a while before your silicone mat needs to be replaced (if ever).

Screen Printing Machines For Small Business

A step up from your everyday iron, the Cricut EasyPress 2 is one of the best t-shirt printing options to get you started. Its lightweight design makes it more portable and space-saving than your average heat press. Perfect for attending craft shows or trade shows, or just for use in spaces where there isn’t enough space for a full size heat press.

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While the EasyPress 2 has the digital temperature control and timer features of a heat press, it lacks the pressure.

Screen Printing Machines For Small Business

So with the EasyPress 2, you’ll get a good bond for your transfers or HTV, but the bond won’t be as strong as a traditional press. This means you’ll likely see your designs come off in fewer washes on EasyPress t-shirts.

The EasyPress has a heat-resistant base that can be placed between presses. The device has an auto-off feature that turns off automatically when the device is idle for more than 15 minutes. This is a great safety feature to make sure the device doesn’t accidentally turn on and set something on fire.

Screen Printing Machines For Small Business

Fabric Printing Methods

The EasyPress 2 is available in two sizes: 9″ x 9″ and 12″ x 10″ (22 x 22 cm and 30 x 25 cm) and comes in three different colors. The larger size is preferable as it gives you more buffer to squeeze out the whole design at once, while the smaller size is not necessarily possible when dealing with larger items such as a blanket or a hoodie.

The HRM A3 automatic t-shirt printing machine is a DTG (direct-to-garment) printer that prints directly onto a t-shirt or other garment. Like most DTG printers, the HRM A3 comes at a high price. However, with excellent print resolution, it more than makes up for the initial investment.

Screen Printing Machines For Small Business

Because the machine has a convenient print size of 329mm x 500mm, your designs are large enough to look great even on oversized t-shirts. Like most DTG printers, the HRM also supports white ink printing. If you prefer to work with dark clothes, this is great news and a good alternative to sublimation.

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Since DTG printing doesn’t work very well with synthetic materials like polyester and nylon/lycra, the HRM is the best t-shirt printer for cotton clothing. It’s also not limited to T-shirts. You can print on many types of clothing, including socks, hoodies, jeans and bags.

Screen Printing Machines For Small Business

The HRM Automatic A3 DTG printer is also quite fast for print time. A t-shirt with bright colors is printed between 2 and 5 minutes. Dark tees take a bit longer as they require additional layers to achieve proper transparency against a dark background. A dark color t-shirt is printed in about 6 to 8 minutes and must be prepared with a special spray before printing.

PowerPress’ answer to the Cricut EasyPress, the HPM-0002 is another portable heat press. It has the same lightweight, portable, and easy-to-use benefits as the EasyPress, and even comes in multiple colors and sizes (9 x 9 inches and 12 x 10 inches – 22 x 22 cm and 30 x 25 cm). It also has a safety base and automatically shuts off after a period of inactivity.

Screen Printing Machines For Small Business

Digital Garment Printers By Coldesi Inc.

Although you can use HPM with towels, blankets or other thick items under the press, it works best when used with a special pressing mat. While Cricut sells its mat separately, the PowerPress mat comes with HPM. The mat gives you better and more even pressure when pressing so you get more consistent HTV and heat transfer results.

Both temperature and timer settings can be adjusted via the touch screen on the front of the device. You can set the temperature up to 355 degrees Fahrenheit (179 degrees Celsius). This amount is a bit too small for sublimation, which requires a temperature of about 400°F (204°C) for proper transfer. However, sublimation also requires a lot of pressure, so traditional heat pressing is preferred anyway.

Screen Printing Machines For Small Business

When you need a small, flexible machine that fits in tight spaces, the Cricut EasyPress Mini is the perfect solution. Designed to accompany the larger EasyPress, the Mini is designed for places where the EasyPress can’t easily reach.

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It is 3.4 inches

Screen Printing Machines For Small Business

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