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Pbg Small Business – PBG provides consulting services for small businesses, to its brand clients or as a stand-alone service. PBG’s business assessment uses interviews with business owners and key employees, as well as a review of financial documents to confirm current conditions and future growth goals, reveal the company’s strengths and weaknesses, and determine possible action plans to move on. If you’re thinking about starting, buying or selling a business, we’ve got you covered too!

With Turnaround Consulting, we can solve your company’s problems from many angles: Operations, Financing, Strategy, Marketing, Sales and Pricing, to name a few. A comprehensive analysis of what went wrong, what could go wrong and what risk management strategies can be implemented to grow the business and prevent a repeat of financial distress.

Pbg Small Business

Pbg Small Business

Allan Auld is a results-oriented professional with over 20 years of operations management and customer service experience, with a strong background in change management and process improvement that continues to .

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Diana Montes has over 15 years of experience in providing business formation and comprehensive accounting services, including tax returns for individuals, corporations, partnerships and monitoring and auditing of income tax and payroll tax reporting.

Pbg Small Business

Our turnaround consultants are experts in helping you quickly change processes in your business to increase profitability, reduce costs and improve revenue. The turnaround consultant solves the financial problems that have caused the company to be in a financial crisis. These issues may include asset sales, debt restructuring and competitive restructuring. A turnaround consultant will prioritize your cash flow management, work with your lenders and do whatever it takes to get your business back on track – and ready for new growth. This service can recoup their investment in increased efficiency, increased profits and better practices.

Working with a small business consultant can make life easier. As a small business owner, being able to rely on expert advice is invaluable. Our small business consulting helps you develop a strategic plan to expand your reach and income. Use your time and money to take your business to the next level. In order to increase productivity and efficiency through small business consulting services, it is essential to get the right information, knowledge and assistance. Consulting and coaching help you increase your income and profits Use your time and resources and develop a successful business model. Learn how to create a comprehensive plan to grow your business

Pbg Small Business

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Whether you’re struggling with corporate culture, internal processes, or need a new business strategy to manifest your future, we’re here to help. Successfully navigating these complex business challenges means being prepared to dig deep into your business and your market to gain insight into problems and opportunities. Our team helps entrepreneurs start and grow successful businesses by advising on how to improve current processes and providing recommendations on steps to take to improve business efficiency and effectiveness.

Through loans, investors and property renovations, PBG can help clients apply for financing for a variety of purposes, such as starting a business or expanding an existing business. Especially when it comes to the selling price of this company. PBG was founded on the idea that businesses of all sizes – and budgets – should have access to the latest and greatest ideas and technologies in marketing, communications and marketing. We exist to make the branding process easy and stress-free for people like you who are taking on more financial risk than usual to own and run their own business. We don’t just want to help, we want to help. learn more

Pbg Small Business

A business plan is an important part of applying for an SBA loan. This is what the lender will look at more carefully when approving the loan, so it should be well organized, well organized and convincing. A business plan is a living document (meaning it can and should be updated as your business progresses) with a three to five year vision for your business. It should provide a general overview of where the company is headed, plans for growth and revenue. Let us help you set your business up for success by learning the impact of a business plan on loan approval and the key elements to include.

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We provide support and training services for QuickBooks® & POS solutions for small and medium businesses. QuickBooks experts can help you save a lot of time and money. Once QuickBooks is installed and working properly, we can train you or your staff to run QuickBooks specifically for your business. We can help you choose, install and configure the perfect QuickBooks accounting system, as well as train and troubleshoot. We can also help develop workflows and provide QuickBooks Point of Sale “how-to” training so you can develop the QuickBooks solution for your business.

Pbg Small Business

The Business 2 Branding program was created to strengthen the company by revealing the gaps in the company’s structure and core before starting a full branding program. One of the biggest mistakes organizations can make is to engage in branding without the necessary foundation. It goes without saying that one of the biggest threats to a well-branded product is the possibility that your company has not fully executed its business strategy. You can avoid this costly mistake.

Here at PBG, we won’t take on a brand client unless we know we can give them a good product. And so we work hard to determine that brands are ready to become our clients by recruiting them through our “Business Branding Program 2” where we offer in-house Business Consulting and Incorporation services to ensure our clients are set up for success from the start .

Pbg Small Business

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This program follows a logical progression of counseling activities and behaviors divided into 5 stages of counseling. There is a change in the level of cooperation between the client and the consultant in the activities and the timing of those activities. At each stage, they are treated with the ‘Brand Discovery Phase’. Upon completion of the Program, based on our assessment, the client is declared “Brand Ready” and we recommend the branding program that is best for you.

The Discovery Phase uses interviews with company owners and key employees, as well as a review of financial documents to confirm the company’s current status and future growth goals, uncover the company’s strengths and weaknesses.

Pbg Small Business

Brand Transparency Session- A preliminary discovery session to assess your current brand identity and make purposeful decisions about how to position or reposition your brand in a competitive market to gain brand clarity.

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Brand Audit – Brand audit is a process of examining your market position, comparing it to your competitors and evaluating the effectiveness of your company’s overall strategy.

Pbg Small Business

Brand Mapping – Like any visual journey, this one starts with a map. This step is to ensure that we receive:

Strategic planning is the process by which an organization sets its strategy or direction and makes decisions about allocating its resources to achieve strategic goals. It can also be extended to a monitoring system that will guide the implementation of the strategy. A business strategy will help you with the goals or requirements you need to meet this business restructuring plan — if such a plan is even possible.

Pbg Small Business

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ADVANCED BRANDING TOOLS (Do secondary market research)- Once we have decided that the new brand fits your business and organizational goals, we begin our research. A data-driven meeting aimed at confirming the accuracy of information collected, returning to the leader for confirmation, or dialogue to identify previously unseen information about industry trends, market conditions, target audiences and the competitive environment. We’ll dive deep into your industry, competitors and target audience. The information gathered here allows strategists to pre-develop strategic ideas and directions they can take with their brands.

After identifying the problems with the company’s current management system, gathering feedback from employees and key stakeholders, and reviewing all existing functions, it’s time to create a new organizational model.

Pbg Small Business

Branding Start by asking questions that break down and simplify your business goals. Answer them with the passion and excitement of the first day, with the knowledge you have acquired so far. We conduct a SWOT analysis and identify your company’s strengths and weaknesses to determine your market position and brand positioning statement.

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The main goal of all consulting work is to implement changes that are real improvements from the client’s perspective. In the implementation phase, the business consultant may need to leave the role of consultant in the strict sense to assist the client organization with various tasks involved in running the system.news.

Pbg Small Business

It is important to establish a distinct and unique presence in the market. This helps your customers determine why they should buy from you and not someone else. Take the time to consider the message your brand design conveys and how to design it.

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Pbg Small Business

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