Navs Small Business Grant

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Navs Small Business Grant – SALT LAKE CITY, September 24, 2019 // –Today announced Alex and Jennifer Morton, founders and owners of Nav Junk Star, a free website and app that provides business owners with a fast, easy and secure way to Craftsman Furniture is the grand prize winner of the company’s quarterly small business grant.

Opened in San Antonio in 2014, Junk Star Crafted Furniture specializes in the design and construction of handcrafted, custom furniture.

Navs Small Business Grant

Navs Small Business Grant

Alex and Jennifer Morton, founders and owners of Junk Star Handcraft Furniture in San Antonio, have been named grand prize winners of Nav’s Quarterly Small Business Grants. With this money, the couple plans to invest in new equipment and expand their services.

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“Every day, our team hears firsthand about the challenges small business owners face due to a lack of capital — it’s heartbreaking and all-too-common. Morton’s story is no different. He’s faced countless personal and business challenges over the years.” Greg Ott, Navi President and CEO shared. “His application was honest about his struggles and immediately caught the attention of our panel of judges. His plan for how to use the money will make a quick and dramatic difference to his business results and services, and we’re excited to see the positive impact. Small Business Travel has $10,000.”

Navs Small Business Grant

The Mortons will use the $10,000 grant to repair broken equipment, purchase new equipment, install an automatic vacuum system to speed up their workshop’s cleaning process, purchase design software and invest in a trailer. Third person.

“Because of the lack of capital, we are unable to repair or upgrade the equipment we use every day,” said Alex Morton. “We work twice as hard to complete projects and lose precious time.”

Navs Small Business Grant

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To be considered for the Nav Small Business Grant, business owners must share a challenge their business is facing and explain how the grant money will help them overcome that obstacle. When the Mortons applied for the grant, they shared that mistakes in their personal lives had greatly affected the financial health of their business, forcing them to consider closing several times.

“Over the past few years, more than once we’ve thought about just giving up and closing our doors,” Jen Morton said. “Finding Nav was instrumental in helping our business, not only were we blessed with the company’s small business grant, but we used the platform to better understand our business credit and the financing options available when we needed it. Nav’s service, expertise and interest in small businesses is unwavering – we are forever grateful.”

Navs Small Business Grant

Nav has awarded more than $60,000 to small businesses across the country since the grant was launched in 2018. Each of the grant winners shared a common theme across their businesses – finding ways to access capital easily and successfully was their businesses’ biggest challenge. .

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To learn more about Nav’s visit to Junk Star Handcrafted Furniture and the couple’s vision for the future of their business, read Nav’s latest blog post.

Navs Small Business Grant

The next round of the Now Small Business Grant is now open. Applications are accepted on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn until December 20, 2019. More information about the grant and how to apply can be found at

About Nav Nav is a free website and software that provides business owners with a fast, easy and secure way to get paid. Nav, the leading business financial management software, provides free access to personal and business credit reports from major consumer and commercial credit bureaus, including Experian, Dun & Bradstreet, Equifax and TransUnion, and more than 110 business finance products, including loans and advances. A robust market. Credit cards. The marketplace uses a unique, lender-neutral approach to help business owners find the best financing options for their needs. Nav services related to credit card and alternative financing recommendations may not be available in all states. Other business service providers use Nav’s solution to enhance customer experience. The company has offices in Silicon Valley and Salt Lake City. Visit for more information.

Navs Small Business Grant

Nav Awards $10,000 Small Business Grant To Custom Furniture Maker

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Salt Lake City, August. 02, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Nav Technologies, Inc., a simple and intelligent financial platform for small businesses. (“Nav”), today announced English as the latest Nav $10 lifetime recipient. 000 Small Business Grant Program. English for Life aims to help immigrant communities acquire English for personal, employment and career development purposes. Dr. English for Life, founded and directed by Joel Floyd, will use the grant to build a computer lab in a new location, purchase classroom furniture, and hire a lead teacher and community marketing agent.

Navs Small Business Grant

“Our mission at Nav is to reduce the death rate for small businesses, the backbone of our economy. As inflation and interest rates continue to rise, we hope our small business grants will help these small businesses thrive,” he said. “With English for Life it is an honor to help small business owners like Dr. Floyd grow their businesses and improve their communities. . . We look forward to seeing how English for Life helps adults learn English for life and enrich the Atlanta area.”

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Founded in February 2012, English for Life offers English lessons to all students, regardless of educational level and social status. It operates two locations in the greater Atlanta, Georgia area. Doctorate in Educational Management Dr. Floyd incorporates critical pedagogy into teaching methods to create agency for students to prepare for any situation in American society.

Navs Small Business Grant

“Owning my own business has given me the freedom to be as innovative as possible and I believe it is a dream come true. I started with the belief that lifelong English learning is a continuous process and can help all students regardless of their status. We need to teach them to be lifelong learners,” said English for Life’s founder and “English for Life started with $500 10 years ago and has since grown to two locations with nine contract employees in Peachtree Corners and Roswell,” said President Dr. Joel Floyd. Nav’s grant will drive further growth by giving us access to the tools we need to fulfill our mission.”

Nav also awarded a second prize of $5,000 to Detroit wholesaler Burst of Life. Burst of Life was founded by veteran Jariel Brown in February 2020 to create opportunities and uplift those in need. It plans to use the grant to increase its inventory of compostable containers and new packaging options to serve its growing clientele.

Navs Small Business Grant

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“Before the pandemic, I started Burst of Life with the money I earned from my job

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