Mississippi Small Business Grants

Business Jun 28, 2023

Mississippi Small Business Grants – Return to Business Mississippi Grant Program

On May 20, 2020, Governor Tate Reeves signed SB2772, establishing the Mississippi Back to Business Grant Program. The grant will be used to help Mississippi businesses with 50 or fewer employees recover from the economic impact of Covid-19, including operating expenses and wages.

Mississippi Small Business Grants

Mississippi Small Business Grants

5. Has a controlling interest owned by one or more Mississippi residents, whether an individual resident citizen or a Mississippi domestic business entity.

How Mississippi Spent $1.25 Billion In Cares Act Funds

6. Mississippi taxes for the 2018 or 2019 tax year or for an eligible business established on or after January 1, 2020, which is not exempt under Section 27-7-29, Section 27-, if you wish to file your Mississippi taxes for 2020 for the tax year. 13-63 or other applicable provision of law

Mississippi Small Business Grants

7. Customers or employees visit its physical premises, the customer conducts business on the premises, or the business has an owner who is actively involved in the day-to-day operations of the business.

9. Not a subsidiary of a business with more than 50 FTE; Not part of a larger business unit with more than 50 FTEs and not owning a business with more than 50 FTEs

Mississippi Small Business Grants

Boots To Business

10. Does not exist for the purpose of furthering partisan political activity, does not directly lobby federal or state officials as defined in Sections 5-8-1 through 5-8-23, and does not work with or otherwise work with a lobbyist as defined in Section 5-8-23. 5-8-3 Anytime Anytime in 2020

Support for this activity by the US Small Business Administration (SBA) does not constitute an express or implied endorsement of the views, opinions, products or services of any donor, nor does it constitute an endorsement of its views, opinions, products or services. Any donor. , co-sponsor, sponsor, partner, participant, other person or entity. All SBA programs are offered to the public by a non-participating, participating, other person or entity. All SBA programs are offered to the public on a non-discriminatory basis. Based on discrimination. Here’s an overview of how state legislators spend money, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.

Mississippi Small Business Grants

Housing Assistance: $20 million for the Rental Assistance Grant Program, which provides grants of up to $30,000 to eligible rental businesses that lose rental income from March to December 2020.

Mississippi River South Bridge

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Mississippi Small Business Grants

Health: $129.7 million for health care, including $80 million for hospitals and about $50 million for other health care providers and nonprofits including food pantries.

Small Business Assistance: $300 million in small business assistance grants (only half of which was used for grants, the rest went to other programs or unemployment funds)

Mississippi Small Business Grants

How Lawmakers Plan To Spend Mississippi’s $1.25 Billion In Coronavirus Aid

Broadband Internet/Technology: $75 million for a grant program to expand high-speed Internet access for electric cooperatives and providers and $10 million to the Mississippi Wireless Information Network for communications for first responders and hospital ERs.

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Mississippi Small Business Grants

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Eight Delta Black Businesses Receive Back Black Business Grants

Here Mississippi spends $1.25 billion in CARES Act funds

Mississippi 1, Get $25 Billion The federal coronavirus relief, relief, and economic security act of 2020 in pandemic relief.

Here’s an overview of how state lawmakers are spending the money, according to the National Council of State Legislatures. Note: You can read the bulleted list below the graphic.

Graph by Bethany Atkinson

Read more: CARES Act Money The Mississippi was to aid his ventures. Did it?

Housing Assistance: $20 million for the Rental Assistance Grant Program, providing up to $30,000 in grants to eligible rental businesses that have lost rental income since March. Until December 2020.

Elections: $1 million for pandemic expenses for elections

Higher education: $10 million for private schools and colleges

Veterans Affairs: $10 million

Health: $10 million for the Department of Health to establish the Mississippi ICU Infrastructure Program | p>

Tourism. : $15 million

K-12 education: $150 million for K-12 distance education

Unemployment: $181.8 million unemployment trust fund.

Courts: $2.5 million for courts and judiciary

Fixations: $20 million for fixes p>

Small business relief: $300 million for small business relief grants (only half of which was used for grants, the rest went to other programs or unemployment funds) p>

Health: $4 million to Department of Health to cover pandemic costs for specialty hospitals

Emergency/Disaster Response: Mississippi $40 million Management Agency for Emergency Pandemic Costs .

Higher education: $50 million for community colleges.

K-12 education: $50 million for K-12 Internet connectivity. For

Governor: $50 million for Governor’s Discretionary Fund

Senior Ed:$50 million for Universities

Workforce: $55 million for workforce development

Local Government: $70 million for cities and counties

Broadband/ Technology:$75 million for a grant program for electric cooperatives and providers to expand high-speed Internet access and $10 million for first responders and hospital ERs to the Mississippi Wireless Information Network for communications.

Mississippi Small Business Grants

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Mississippi Small Business Grants

Hispanic Owned Small Businesses Grant

The Mississippi Legislature last week passed a bipartisan bill that would provide $300 million in federal coronavirus relief funds to small businesses.

That is the question. The eight-member commission discussed the issue in a special meeting Friday morning but delayed a final decision until more information becomes available next week, said Tom Hood, the commission’s executive director.

Mississippi Small Business Grants

Leah Rupp Smith, Hosemann’s deputy chief of staff, said several senators asked before and during debate on the legislation whether they themselves could participate in the small business grant program. Hosemann “expressed his disbelief that he could,” Smith said. “As president of the body, the lieutenant governor told members that he would seek input to clearly define the boundaries of ethics laws.”

Championing Small Business Development In Mississippi

Senate Bill 2772 includes two programs that would attract $1.25 billion in Mississippi funds from the CARES Act passed by Congress. An automatic $60 million will be sent to 29,000 small businesses in industries forced to close by Gov. Tate Reeves’ stay-at-home order. They will each receive $2,000.

Mississippi Small Business Grants

The remaining $240 million will be distributed through grants of up to $25,000 for which small businesses will apply through the Mississippi Development Authority. The funds will first go to businesses that have not received federal coronavirus relief money.

Reeves signed the bill into law this week, and the apps and delivery system are still being built.

Mississippi Small Business Grants

Feeding America Announces Initial Grants For Food Security Equity Impact Fund

The law specifically states that lobbyists, businesses that employ lobbyists or engage in partisan political activity cannot apply for the program. But he said nothing about the people who passed the bill. It’s unclear how many lawmakers would be interested in applying, though many run small businesses for their day jobs. Small businesses in the state have faced a sharp drop in business due to the coronavirus and shelter orders.

State laws and past Ethics Commission opinions generally caution legislators against using their influence or voting on issues that directly benefit them or family members.

Mississippi Small Business Grants

The author of the bill, Sen. Briggs Hopson, R-Vicksburg, said he doesn’t plan to apply himself, but has heard questions from a number of senators and representatives about whether he could apply for relief funds. He said that he told them that they should clear this with the commission.

Ms Cares Grant Money Available; Small Business Owners Encouraged To Apply Immediately

“I’ve heard rumblings about whether it’s constitutional for lawmakers with small businesses to apply for grants,” said Sen. Derrick Simmons of Greenville, Democratic leader.

Mississippi Small Business Grants

Hood said he asked the commission to “expedite” the small business grant opinion poll, so he held the meeting on Friday, June 5, before its normally scheduled meeting. The commission is expected to vote on the question next. The development authority said on Friday that after receiving more information on how it plans to distribute the money and set up contracts.

Membership in the Ethics Commission includes appointments made by the Governor, Lieutenant Governor and Speaker of the Chamber.

Mississippi Small Business Grants

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