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Hashtags Small Business – Instagram hashtags can be confusing for the small business owners I often talk to. You probably already know a lot about this, but a hashtag is a combination of letters and/or numbers before the # symbol.

When you click on a hashtag, you will be taken to a page showing all posts with hashtags in chronological order (latest first). Avid Instagrammers regularly check hashtags to find new accounts with content they might be interested in.

Hashtags Small Business

Hashtags Small Business

The benefit of thoughtful hashtag use to business owners is clear: accessibility. There are millions of people on Instagram and most of them don’t know who you are. Using hashtags effectively is an opportunity to get your page in front of new eyes. The more people see your Instagram page, the more people know about your business and the better your chances of finding new customers. It’s as simple as that.

How To Use Instagram Hashtags For Business (and 30+ Hashtags For 2023)

Unfortunately, the hashtag strategy for many small businesses is like throwing pasta at the wall to see if it sticks. Randomly placing hashtags in your posts is unlikely to help and can damage your reputation and/or brand visibility, so it’s important that you put in the effort. Take a moment and think about how to use hashtags in your Instagram posts. Not sure how to do that? You’re lucky! We are about to teach you.

Hashtags Small Business

Each Instagram post can have up to 30 hashtags. Regardless of your opinion on that, we recommend using at least a few hashtags in each post to help your content reach a wider audience. To help you choose the right hashtags to use in your posts, let’s break down a few different types. I find it helpful to think of hashtags in five categories:

A branded hashtag is a hashtag you create that represents your business. You should add your brand’s hashtags to your Instagram bio and encourage customers to use hashtags when talking about your business online. The hashtag for your name can be #your business name, but we recommend being more creative. We love how famous sportswear Lululemon chose the hashtag # #thesweatlife as their brand hashtag.

Hashtags Small Business

How To Use Hashtags In 2022: Powerful Tool For Promotion And Marketing

These are hashtags that describe or relate to the content of the post. For example, a small coffee shop that posts a photo of their latte art might use the hashtag # #latteart. It’s pretty self-explanatory.

Industry hashtags are hashtags that describe an area of ​​your business. If you’re a photographer, you can use the hashtag # #photographer or #weddingphotographer. If your market is local, you may want to create specific hashtags (#birminghamweddingphotographer) to reach people in your area. Industry hashtags are great because people often look for them when they’re looking for someone to do business with.

Hashtags Small Business

These are hashtags commonly used by the community you’re trying to reach. If you’re a women’s brand with a message about female empowerment, you can use the hashtag # #womensupportingwomen to reach your target audience. If you’re trying to reach local customers who want to support small businesses, you’ll want to use fewer hashtags in that community (see our section below for more recommendations for small businesses). Birmingham area).

The Power Of The Hashtag

Sometimes a hashtag will become popular when there is a big event or many people are talking about a certain topic. If you can find a creative way to use these hashtags in a way that fits your brand, let’s get started! But don’t use hashtags that have nothing to do with your content, as that can damage your online reputation. And be careful to fully understand the meaning of the trending hashtags to avoid PR disaster, just like the barbecue brand Entenmanns tried to jump on the #no-guilty hashtag in 2011. Chemistry out this hashtag is related to the fate of Casey Anthony. Test. Need to.

Hashtags Small Business

Since most of our clients are local businesses trying to reach local customers, we’ve compiled a list of common Birmingham hashtags, hashtags. specifically that you can use in your posts:

Location-based hashtags are a great way to connect with your community, so pick a few from the list above and start tagging!

Hashtags Small Business

Instagram Hashtag Follow Feature

One last point before we wrap this up: hashtags are not magic. You should use them because they can get your posts in front of more people, but they probably won’t double your engagement or get you thousands of followers. It is very important to make sure that you post interesting and engaging content that will engage your audience. Hashtags are just a small bonus that helps. Instagram has always been the social network to share great photos with friends, colleagues and around the world. Between likes, shares, and comments, users have the ability to follow their favorite profiles and businesses to stay on top of the issues they care about most. It’s a great platform for ordinary people to become influencers in the fields they love.

So far, the only way to specifically see new posts is to click on the post or use Instagram’s search function. Luckily, Instagram unveiled a new hashtag tracking feature yesterday, allowing you to track individual hashtags just like you follow friends and family.

Hashtags Small Business

Instagram uses an advanced algorithm to align your content with new content from the people you follow and will now include ads when you follow hashtags. This presents new opportunities for users and businesses alike to expose their content to new faces every day.

How To Create An Effective Instagram Hashtag Strategy

We’ll talk about how local small businesses can add this new feature to the social network Instagram to grow their following while encouraging engagement.

Hashtags Small Business

Before you start hashing everything under the sun, it’s best to do some research on hashtags for your specific industry. Depending on your post, your industry may use specific hashtags relevant to your post.

It’s a good tactic to know exactly which hashtags work best in your industry and drive the most engagement. Hashtagify offers great freemium software to study how hashtags are performing on Instagram and Twitter.

Hashtags Small Business

Instagram Hashtags: Ultimate Guide [100+ Hashtags For 2023]

Open a great document or use Google Sheets to jot down your research and find out which hashtags work best for your industry.

Along with researching industry-relevant hashtags, you should also research the hashtags your competitors are using and the engagement they’re getting. This allows you to check if hashtags are doing well for your competitors so you can determine if you’re looking for them.

Hashtags Small Business

. Otherwise, you can use Instagram’s search function to find related hashtags by typing the hashtags your competitors are using, and below the search bar, Instagram will suggest closely related hashtags.

Instagram Hashtags For Candles Business (to Be Seen)

Once you’ve compiled a list of hashtags to use in your posts, be sure to follow them so you can keep up to date with how other users are using those hashtags. how is that. You may want to keep an eye on the hashtags your competitors are using to track their engagement; you may have a chance to upload a hashtag stream in the future.

Hashtags Small Business

With the new hashtag tracking feature, you’ll receive constant updates of new ads for that tag. You should see which users are using hashtags and have more followers.

Have high activity (high engagement – comments, likes, etc) and you always post the same hashtags as you. Make connections with these users and keep interacting with their posts so they get to know you.

Hashtags Small Business

Best Hashtags To Use On Tiktok For Your Ecommerce And Small Busin

Once you’re able to build a relationship with that user, you can reach out to them and encourage them to become advocates for your business/brand. Some promoters will share products/businesses themselves while others must be incentivized to do so (discounts, affiliate commissions, etc.). Determine the best course of action for your business by consulting with influencers in your industry.

Note: you should not pay influencers who also directly refer your competitors and/or another group of companies. If you choose from their account and focus only on relationships, the following will also come. Authentic influencers are the best choice for small businesses. This means they write more than other types and write meaningful comments in their commentary. You can tell that they really want to interact with their network rather than trying to make a sale.

Hashtags Small Business

Brand awareness is everything to a business. For example, people often use Google as a verb. Coke is always used to order a drink, whether it’s “Coke” or not.

Top 300 Instagram Hashtags For Female Entrepreneurs (updated 2021) — The Kendra Studio

A great way to create brand awareness for your company is to use hashtags or a combination of hashtags (don’t overdo it – keep it at 1

Hashtags Small Business

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