Grants For Small Businesses Los Angeles

Business Jul 10, 2023

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Restaurants are among the small businesses that may be eligible for assistance from the City or County of Los Angeles. Above, Antonio Espinoza disinfects a restaurant table in Santa Monica in 2021.

Grants For Small Businesses Los Angeles

Grants For Small Businesses Los Angeles

Once the pandemic state of emergency ends, government programs related to COVID-19 have either ended or are coming to an end. But if you have a small business in Los Angeles that has been affected by the pandemic — and which hasn’t? – You still have time to apply for a free batch of money.

Cares Support For Small Businesses, Workers And Community Organizations

The City of Los Angeles is offering up to $15,000 to qualifying small businesses that miss rent payments during the city’s pandemic. Applications for these funds are submitted by the end of Wednesday.

Grants For Small Businesses Los Angeles

Meanwhile, the county’s Department of Economic Opportunity is offering economic opportunity grants that small businesses and nonprofits affected by the pandemic can use for things like operating and pandemic-related expenses. These applications must be submitted by May 31.

The city’s Office of Economic and Workforce Development is nearing the end of its third round of grants to help businesses pay overdue rent. Using money from the federal American Urban Recovery Plan Act, about $1.8 million was left over from the $8.5 million it set aside for small business rental assistance.

Grants For Small Businesses Los Angeles

Minority Led Small Businesses Surveyed Were Hit Hardest By The Pandemic

Grants can only be spent on rent arrears incurred during the pandemic – specifically from March 1, 2020 to April 30, 2023. And you’ll need to show how the pandemic is hurting your business.

To qualify, your annual income must be $5 million or less. But running a business doesn’t have to be your main source of income; for example, L.A., where you store cars that you fix at night and on weekends. If you have been late with your garage rental payments, you may still be eligible.

Grants For Small Businesses Los Angeles

The city has set eligibility rules that exclude many entrepreneurs and start-ups. Help only applies to valid L.A. Non-profit businesses in the city with a certificate of business tax registration and only if a valid commercial property lease is in place – home businesses and subletting organizations are not eligible. The business must be operating on or before March 1, 2020, and must not have received assistance in two previous rounds of city rental assistance.

Small Business Training

California is offering cash to students and community groups to spread the word about a $2,500 grant for students who lost their jobs due to COVID-19.

Grants For Small Businesses Los Angeles

The city declared a long list of businesses ineligible for the grants, including lenders, insurers, homeowners, public companies, gun dealers, lobbying firms and day traders. Also excluded are many businesses engaged in less productive activities, such as cannabis-related operations, nightclubs, liquor stores, psychologists, massage services, and gambling sites.

Jamie Francisco, a spokesman for the Department of Economic and Workforce Development, said in an email that grants will not be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis, so there is no harm in applying at the last minute. Instead, he said, recipients would be selected by lottery, but two types of applicants would have a better chance of being elected: those in low- and moderate-income communities and those from disadvantaged census tracts.

Grants For Small Businesses Los Angeles

Impact — Networking Sessions

Francisco said grantees will be notified in early July. He said if there is any funding left, the ministry will look at the results and decide whether to do another round or move the money to another small business charity program.

Grant applications are available on the department’s website. For free personal assistance, visit one of the 10 BusinessSource centers in the city. To prove business eligibility, you’ll need to submit copies of several documents, including your 2019 and 2020 tax returns, your business property lease, and proof of your previous lease payments.

Grants For Small Businesses Los Angeles

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Local Small Business Enterprise

The county’s Economic Opportunity Grant program has received $54 million from the state and federal governments to provide assistance to businesses and nonprofits in the county that have been significantly impacted by the pandemic. From the funds, it provides five types of grants to applicants according to the amount of income they collect annually and the location where they are located.

Grants For Small Businesses Los Angeles

The money can be used to purchase equipment, invest in operations, pay salaries or other operating expenses, and cover costs related to COVID-19. It cannot be used for anything else. Larger grants also prevent applicants from spending the money on anything they qualify for or that qualify for other federal aid programs.

Only L.A. Businesses operating in the county are eligible. Apply online at the Economic Opportunity Grant program website; For assistance, visit the program’s help page or call (833) 364-7268. Help is available in 15 languages, including English, Spanish, Cantonese, Mandarin Chinese, and Korean.

Grants For Small Businesses Los Angeles

Arpa La County Economic Opportunity Grants

The Economic Opportunity Grant program offers $2,500 to the smallest small businesses that use state tax dollars: those with five or fewer full-time employees (including those with no self-employment) and less than $50,000 annually. gross revenue in 2019. Must be operational before the end of 2019 and may be located anywhere in the county, including the City of Los Angeles.

To apply, you must be a business owner and be your primary source of income – no side jobs in this category. If you have already received a California Small Business COVID-19 Assistance Grant, you cannot receive another one.

Grants For Small Businesses Los Angeles

A full list of eligibility requirements, which can be found on the program’s website, details a range of businesses excluded, including lenders, brokers, lobbyists, strip clubs or “businesses engaged in any socially undesirable activity or activity”. predatory in nature, such as proprietary or check-cashing businesses.

A Review Of Federal Lending To Small Business Owners Of Color During The Covid 19 Pandemic

Using federal dollars in the American Recovery Plan Act, the program also offers grants of up to $20,000 to small businesses in the county outside the city of Los Angeles and up to $25,000 to non-profit organizations serving the entire county. , including those located in the city of Los Angeles. Candidates in both groups must be in office by the end of 2021.

Grants For Small Businesses Los Angeles

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As with other subsidy programs, the region has a list of ineligible businesses. These include lenders, insurers, pawnbrokers, palm readers, nightclubs, liquor stores, marijuana businesses, strip clubs, scrap dealers, and gun dealers. Applicants from the food industry have another requirement: They cannot receive a disfavor from the regional Ministry of Public Health.

Grants For Small Businesses Los Angeles

Meaningful Investments And Support Keep Small Business Doors Open

Jay Tsao and Tova Mac of the Align Organization, representatives of the program, said assistance is available for small business owners even if the business is not their main source of income. Applicants must provide some form of proof that you own an actual business – such as a copy of your trade or professional license along with a tax return to show that their business meets their income limits.

Mac said the county has started giving $2,500 in grants to the smallest businesses, but there is still money left in that program. The larger grants won’t be awarded until the May 31 application deadline, he said; Tsao said the program expects to award those awards “by the middle of the year.”

Grants For Small Businesses Los Angeles

He said thousands of applications have been received for larger grants, so the demand for dollars is likely to be greater than the supply. But Mac said the county will not award grants on a first-come, first-served basis; instead, the county will follow the priorities it has set for American Recovery Act funding.

How To Support Los Angeles Small Business During Covid 19

According to him, among the county’s priorities for non-profit organizations are organizations that serve the homeless and offer education, training and other programs for young people. Tsao said while small business grants are for everyone, the county is focusing its efforts on helping underserved communities and those most affected by the pandemic.

Grants For Small Businesses Los Angeles

Danny Kelleher, deputy director of economic development at the LA County Department of Economic Opportunity, said in an email that the county “has developed an inventory research tool that uses the COVID Vulnerability and Recovery Index, which categorizes census tracts in the county into five levels. “vulnerability and the need for recovery.” The grant program “targets businesses most in need of assistance, using the Equity Research tool to award grants to businesses identified at the top, top and mid-tier,” the grant program says.

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Grants For Small Businesses Los Angeles

Economic Opportunity Grant Program

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