Arpa Small Business Grants

Business Jun 15, 2023

Arpa Small Business Grants – The City of Citrus Heights has launched a small business assistance program for COVID-19 recovery funded by the federal American Recovery Plan (ARPA). Click here to learn more about the city’s ARPA funding and scroll down, or use the buttons below to learn more about the Small Business COVID-19 Recovery Grant program.

To further support Citrus Heights businesses experiencing the negative financial impacts of COVID-19, the City of Citrus Heights has established the “ARPA COVID-19 Small Business Assistance Program” (the “Program”). The program provides support to businesses to cover the costs related to the financial effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as to support the recovery of businesses. The total amount of grants available is $320,000.

Arpa Small Business Grants

Arpa Small Business Grants

The program provides grants of up to $15,000 to certain eligible businesses. Limited resources are available for the program; therefore, depending on the number of registered companies, it may not be possible for all eligible companies to receive support. The application is not a guarantee of funding. Applicants for support are selected based on the proposals of the program organizers. If there are too many applicants for a program as described below, a weighting process may be used. The City Administrator decides on the awarding of subsidies, their amount, business eligibility and the granting of subsidies at their sole discretion.

Harris County Small Business Grant Recovery Program 2021

The City of Citrus Heights Small Business Covid-19 Recovery Grant application period is open until March 26, 2022. According to the guidelines approved by the city council, the City program is available to applicants for 30 days from February 24. Until March 26, 2022. Click here to apply online or click here to download and print an application to mail or deliver to: Finance Manager, 6360 Fountain Square Drive, Citrus Heights, CA 95621.

Arpa Small Business Grants

The City of Citrus Heights is partnering with the MetroBusiness Center (Sacramento Metro Chamber) to provide support and answer questions about applying for the city’s ARPA COVID-19 Small Business Recovery Program. Please note that the city’s application period runs until March 26. If you have any questions about applying for support, please contact:

The categories of subsidies and the criteria for a company’s eligibility for subsidies are presented below. Exceptions to eligibility can be handled by the city manager.

Arpa Small Business Grants

Leveraging Arpa Fiscal Recovery Funds To Support Small Businesses

The subsidy amount for businesses eligible for support is a flat-rate amount determined on the basis of the 2019 gross annual income of the applicant small businesses, according to the table below:

Grant funds may be used to offset or reimburse operating expenses or loss of revenue caused by the COVID-19 pandemic to support:

Arpa Small Business Grants

You can apply from February 24, 2022, from 9:00 a.m. to March 26, 2022, until 5:00 p.m. (30 days). Applications can be submitted electronically using MOL’s online form, which is available here: https:///FormCenter/City-Managers-Office-33/Small-Business-COVID19-Recovery-Grant-Pr-118. MOL also accepts written applications. by mail or dropped off at the City of Citrus Heights Accounting Manager at 6360 Fountain Square Drive, Citrus Heights, CA 95621. The city will not accept applications after the application deadline. Click here to download a fillable and printable version of the application.

County To Reopen Arpa Small Business Grants, Open Premium Pay Program

Unless otherwise provided by applicable law, applications and application materials are public records. All information received from an applicant, whether related to a grant application or grant-funded activities, is subject to disclosure pursuant to the California Public Records Act, unless otherwise exempted. Possible exceptions include social security numbers, tax identification numbers, or other security-related information.

Arpa Small Business Grants

Any business that has received a grant and chooses to accept the grant must sign a non-revolving statement and waiver prior to payment. In the affidavit, the applicant must state that all information in the application is true and correct and will be used as admissible evidence in any legal proceeding against the company if the city attempts to recover the grants provided under false pretenses.

The subsidy is paid by check payable to the company. The city expects qualified, selected small businesses to receive payments by the end of April 2022. The Pahrump Valley Times Nye County’s policy for America’s Rescue Plan has this detail on how the county plans to spend the $9 million it was given in federal law.

Arpa Small Business Grants

Calendar • Bexar County, Tx • Civicengage

Last October, Nye County commissioners approved a policy that guides how the county will spend the $9 million allocated under the U.S. bailout plan and is now officially ready to accept applications.

Small businesses that may need a little help recovering from the outbreak, as well as organizations focused on community support, have the opportunity to take advantage of the county’s latest COVID-related support programs.

Arpa Small Business Grants

“Nye County is now accepting applications for the ARPA Small Business Grant Program,” Nye County Public Information Officer Arnold Knightly said in an email Monday. “For fiscal year 2023 (which ends June 30, 2023), Nye County has awarded $2,000,000 in ARPA funding to assist local small businesses adversely affected by the COVID-19 public health emergency.”

San Antonio To Offer $17m In Covid Relief Grants For Small Businesses

The ARPA Small Business Grant Program is open to all independent small businesses and nonprofit organizations employing fewer than 30 people.

Arpa Small Business Grants

“The Small Business Support Program awards small businesses that can demonstrate that they have suffered financial losses due to COVID. The program provides assistance to applicants for various business expenses,” the municipality’s website states. “This may include, but is not limited to, rent, utilities, inventory [with some exceptions], payroll, PPE (personal protective equipment) and license fees.”

The most important thing applicants should note is that this grant program is reimbursement-based. Instead of allocating funds to the applicant and later collecting documents to prove that the funds have been spent, the municipality requires applicants to provide proof of expenditure in advance.

Arpa Small Business Grants

Arpa Funding Timeline

Applicants must provide the name, address and contact point of the business, as well as identification of the business owner. If the business is incorporated, you will need a copy of the articles of incorporation or memorandum of association, as well as a W-9 or similar document that includes an employer identification number, tax identification number, or social security number. All applicants must provide their Nevada State Business License number and if the applicant’s business is located in Pahrump, a City of Pahrump Business License is required. Last year’s tax return and payroll records are also required to verify the number of employees.

According to the details on the district’s website, all grants must be used for expenses arising from January 1, 2022. The grant program application deadline is Sunday, January 15, 2023. Applications are available at www.

Arpa Small Business Grants

The district also created the ARPA Public Health Grants Program, which offers grants to entities working to improve their communities in a variety of ways.

M Available In Grants For Restaurants, Hotels & Creative Arts

This program is specifically aimed at funding activities such as mental health initiatives and government support for the homeless, as well as affordable housing support. With such an obvious need and such scarce resources, Nye County decided to include programs in the public health grant program that support more child care options in Tonopah.

Arpa Small Business Grants

Organizations interested in participating in the Public Health Grants Program should contact the Nye County Grants Administrator directly at

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Arpa Small Business Grants

Small Business Loan/grant Programs

This is one of the reasons why Paul Healey resigned from the VEA board in March. Healey told the Pahrump Valley Times that the co-op is financially irresponsible.

A Pahrump man has been charged after he was arrested Saturday, June 10, for DUI with a newborn in his vehicle.

Arpa Small Business Grants

Gov. Joe Lombardo signed Senate Bill 391 into law, which would prohibit cities from sounding sirens, bells or alarms for an ordinance requiring people of a certain race to leave the city at a certain time.

Arpa Grant Application

Nye County School District trustees are expected to place outgoing Superintendent Warren Shillingburg on administrative leave as early as next week and name an interim superintendent as they begin the search for his replacement.

Arpa Small Business Grants

In 2021, Nye County received a $350,000 community development grant to fund major parking lot upgrades in Tonopah, and while it took two years, the project is now officially underway. On March 11, 2021, the federal government passed the American Rescue Plan Act, commonly known as “ARPA,” a $1.9 trillion aid package designed to stimulate the economy. ARPA created the State and Local Coronavirus Recovery Fund (SLFRF) and awarded $11.8 million to the city.

The City Council held a work session on October 7, 2021 to discuss options for spending the $11.8 million in city funds. The council gave feedback to city staff and ARPA’s urban revitalization plan was developed.

Arpa Small Business Grants

Arpa Small Business And Nonprofit Grant

$4,857,000 is for staff renewal and the operating budget. Restoration will be considered

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