3 Letter Words Ending In J

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There is no shortage of useful short words to play in Words with Friends. Going for the big points doesn’t always mean going for the big words. Sometimes an expertly placed little word can help you take victory from the jaws of defeat. Two-letter words are often the stars when it comes to short words, but there are others you should learn. Lots of great three-letter words can also help boost your scores.

3 Letter Words Ending In J

3 Letter Words Ending In J

“Ahs” is simply the plural form of “ah,” the expression people use when they are surprised or pleased with something. It may not seem like the strongest WWF cheat option, but “ahs” is a very valuable short word because it uses common letters on both sides. Look for opportunities to build this word from other words already on the board.

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Adz is a chisel used for cutting and smoothing wood products. It’s also able to take chunks out of your opponent’s lead, allowing you to use the precious Z piece. Double that Z with a horizontal and vertical word for double the fun. The common A and semi-common D pieces give you opportunities to create the word at several points in the game as well.

3 Letter Words Ending In J

The back of a ship or plane is called the stern. As with most of the words on this list, “behind” is another 3-letter word option that allows you to quickly create a word using common letters. Remember the meaning of the word and look for opportunities to add this word to the end of a word on the board. Detach the letters and you also have the word “fat”.

“Coq” comes from the world of fashion. It is the decorative feather trim on a more elegant woman’s hat. More importantly, it’s a three-letter word that gives you a chance to use the Q tile without the accompanying U tile. Looking for great 3 letter words with high point potential? “Coq” is on this list! Interestingly, you won’t find “cock” in the Scrabble dictionary.

3 Letter Words Ending In J

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This funny three-letter word describes a specific geographic area. “Cwm” is a hollow point surrounded by slopes at the top of a frozen valley. What’s great about “cwm” is that it’s one of those rare and valuable words that doesn’t use vowels. And its letters are not the most common either. If the C, W, and M boards are taking up space on your shelf, this is a quick way to get rid of them. That’s an expert word search move right there!

“Esq” is short for “esquire”. Today, people usually use it to refer to lawyers, although it also describes a man escorting a woman in public. Similar to other great three-letter words on this list, it’s a simple way to use the Q tile. Both E and S, both very common letters, offer more spelling opportunities.

3 Letter Words Ending In J

The Haj is a pilgrimage that Muslims make at least once in their lifetime to Mecca. For Words With Friends, J makes it a valuable three-letter word. J is hard to use in the game, but the difficulty makes it worthwhile at many points. And thanks to the accompanying H and A tiles, you won’t have much trouble finding a home for this word on the board.

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Joy is the feeling of great happiness. Fitting, because you’ll be delighted to find a use for both J and Y boards in one word. As I explained, J is a rare board, but Y boards are also quite rare. And to create words with both letters requires some skill and an impressive vocabulary.

3 Letter Words Ending In J

There are several definitions of “lex”. Most people probably know it as short for “lexicon”, which is a description of a language. Having the L, E, and X together gives you a lot of flexibility when it comes time to put the word on the board.

A multiplexer is a device that combines low-speed signals into a high-speed transmission. “Mux” is its abbreviation. M, U, and X aren’t the most common letters in the game, but M and U have a lot of utility. When you have an icon to use, always keep an eye out for any M or U, either on the board or in the rack, that can help.

3 Letter Words Ending In J

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“Qgp” is a physical term. It means “quark-gluon plasma”. As with ‘cwm’, ‘qgp’ is one of those fun 3 letter words with high scoring potential. It allows you to successfully render a word while using only consonants to spell it. In addition, one of the consonants is often the annoying Q.

“Chi” is a spiritual force that originates from Taoism and Chinese medicine. “Qis” is its plural form. When trying to find another way to use the Q tile, there aren’t many better options than this one. The versatility of the S and I boards allows you to easily remove your board holder from the Q boards. Cool 3 letter words like “qis” can really fill you with positive energy.

3 Letter Words Ending In J

“Suq” is the alternate spelling for “souq”. In some Arabic-speaking countries, a suq is a street market. This word is great for Words With Friends for three reasons: it uses the common and versatile S, it uses the problematic Q, and it uses the U with the Q in an unconventional way. U usually comes after Q. If you can’t find a way to do this, “suq” lets you go in the opposite direction.

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“Waz” is a difficult word because its definition is not clear. Words with Friends tends to include words that don’t always make it into mainstream dictionaries. The most common definition of “waz” is that it is a slang term for urination. Regardless of its origin, the important thing is that you can play it in Words With Friends for decent scores and use the sometimes difficult W and Z pieces.

3 Letter Words Ending In J

A “zax” is a drop-like tool that roofers use to cut and dress roofing slate. It is also a valuable tool in Words WITH Friends. “Zax” gives you a quick hold on both Z and X tiles. If you’re unlucky enough to have both letters on your rack, you only need an A tile to get out of a tight spot.

These great 3 letter words will put you on the right path to victory. Remember them and watch out for any chance you get to play them. If these handy words make you want to learn a little more, we’ve got you covered. Our complete list of three letter words contains all the short Scrabble words and Words With Friends you could ever want. Read the list and learn some new, useful words plus their point values.

3 Letter Words Ending In J

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Zac Pricener has been a content creator for the past eight years. He’s a bit of a complete nerd and has a bad habit of using movie and TV show references in conversation whenever possible. Words ending in J are rare in the English language. J is easily one of the most elusive letters in the English alphabet and one of the least likely to be used in any words used every day. You might think of words like “skip” or “just” quickly, but if you really get down to it, you’ll have a hard time thinking of much more than that. Of course, it’s even harder to think of words when you’re only looking at words that end in j.

There are a few out there, though they are very rare and even harder to try and include in a normal sentence. However, we will cover them today so you can see how you can use them and what they mean. We can almost guarantee that you probably haven’t heard these words before, so don’t feel too bad if you don’t.

3 Letter Words Ending In J

All words ending in j can be included in the list below. However, due to the lack of the letter j in the English language, it is quite difficult to find words that actually end with the letter. They often have more foreign origins than many other words in the language and will be quite difficult to try and work into a sentence.

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If you haven’t seen these words before, you’re not alone. For the most part, they have Indian or Asian connections (which is much more common to find that j is a usable letter in their speech). However, there are ways they can be used in sentences if you understand their meaning. You’ll find that the most likely place to use them is actually more in writing than speaking. Many words are actually nouns that can be included in prose on top of something else.

3 Letter Words Ending In J

Haj is the first word ending with j in the alphabet and the first word that talks about the Islamic religion (like us

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